Our Mission

In our quest to be a World Changer, HannahbandanaH is a NYC based, black owned, woman-owned company that has saved many a bad hair day.  It is a quick grab and go fashionable alternative to other head coverings. No fuss. Just slide onto your head for a quick fix to every hair problem you've ever had.

If you ski or bike, helmet hair is rectified by having a HannahbandanaH under your helmet and off to après ski or that after bike hangout...looking fashionable!  For those days after Chemo or dealing with alopecia, HannahbandanaH is a bold pick me up. Zoom and Facetime meetings can come up quickly and we don't always have time to fix ourselves up, no worries, throw on a fashionable HannahbandanaH and one less thing to worry about.

We aim for sustainability by using every scrap of fabric,whether it is for our masks, bows or headbands. We are a neighborhood business supporting other small, minority owned fabric and trim businesses in NYC.  Constantly recycling our business dollars here in NYC,  HannahbandanaH supports the save the Garment Industry initiative by contracting with seamstresses in the once thriving domestic Garment Industry. HannahbandanaH is on  the International platform with our presence in Nordstroms,  and I am equally proud to have a presence in NILU in Harlem.

Proceeds from particular styles will go to help cancer patients as a homage to my sister Katrina. We will also want to help woman and children in battered shelters. It is so important and dear to my heart to make sure we are giving back - always!  Using my garment industry contacts, I've been able to donate thousands of new coats to those in need and that will continue.  Our HannahbandanaH Cooperative will help other small businesses succeed as well.   Spreading Love to all along the way, One HannahbandanaH at a time.

 - HannahbandanaH


HB Cooperative

We want to help other businesses with whatever resources we can.  We want to share info.  Also, we want to promote other businesses that we love and believe in.  With HB cooperative we will do just that.  

We are highlighting H.O.M Streetwear. Def one of my favs... This company was created by two young brothers Allen & Shawn Mclean, who were 14 & 12 years old at the time.  House of Mclean makers of BASKETBALL SHORTS!! Imagine that... BASKETBALL SHORTS manufactured in NYC by two young black male teens! They also carry fashionable hoodies, sweats, safety travel suits, hats, and bomber jackets for starters.  Look out for them and their next....

Support these young men www.HOMstreetwear.com

Dedicated to Ayanna Njeri Bullock...