About Us

Learn about the team and how HannahbandanaHs came to be.

Hannahbandanah was originally started on the ski slopes of Vail, Colorado. I made promotional Hannahbandanahs to wear under our ski helmets and the Hannahbandanahs would take our helmet hair off the slopes to apres ski parties.


In the spring for mountain biking we would wear Hannahbandanahs under our helmets then off to the cigar bar.


When “life” happened, my trim business closed, my sister Katrina, died from cancer. My life as I knew was changed. It was difficult to get the creative juices flowing or anything for that matter.
Thank God for daughters and grandchildren!


Time flew, then on one of our beach excursions with my girls, my very good buddy Moultry King pulled a fabulous African printed bandana out of her goody bag. It was magic, and she just slid it on her head no ties no worry… so we made that the new and improved Hannahbandanah. After a few tweaks and changes Hannahbandanah was reborn and my reinvention number… (I lost count).


On the plane after a church retreat with my good friend Ayanna, we discussed various entrepreneurial ideas and ways to collaborate.I told her about Hannahbandanah and some other ideas and she was immediately on board. This rounded out the team.


Between the three of us, we have a world of experience, from garment industry, fashion, retail, management, merchandising and business owners.


Moral to my story is that it is never too late to reinvent yourself and there is no limit to the number of times that it can happen. God gives us opportunities daily and puts people (angels) in our lives to push us along and guide us.

Headwear Accessories for
Active People

At HannahbandaH we specialize in serving the needs of active women and men like ourselves. We ski, bike, swim, hike, and also do a lot of other outdoor and indoor activities, so we bring an active touch to the HannahbandanaH design.

Instead of just keeping sweat out of your eyes or covering up unruly hair, our Hannahbandanahs help you always look your best. Whether you’re in the city or country, lounging or reading a book, or dancing the night away, you can wear our bandana and still remain stylish.

Giving Back to the Community

Our company is committed to being a responsible citizens,  As such, we plan to donate some of our proceeds to foundations and nonprofit organizations, including those that help cancer patients.

Additionally, we support glocal — both local and worldwide small businesses. By manufacturing in NY and using local contractors in the garment industry, we are doing our part to support American-made products and support the “save the garment industry” efforts. Our fabrics are purchased from local vendors as well.

Our Designers

Hannah and Moultry have combined their knowledge and skills to create a truly useful and fun to wear accessory that everyone can use!
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